Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

18 1A. Set Up Service
For detailed information about your Palm profile, see
“Backup” on page 164.
Setting up a Palm profile is different from setting up
email on your phone. To set up email, see “Set Up
Email” on page 187. To change your Palm profile
information after you have set it up, see “Update Your
Palm Profile Settings” on page 169.
Turn the Phone On/Off
Your Pixi phone’s screen can be turned on and off
separately from its wireless services (which are the
Phone app and Bluetooth app). This means
you can wake up the screen to use just the organizer
features of your device (Calendar, Contacts, Tasks,
Memos, and so on) without turning on the phone and
other wireless features. Also, when the screen is turned
off, the phone can be on and ready for you to receive
phone calls or messages.
Turn the Screen On/Off
Turn the screen on and leave the wireless services
turned off when you want to use only the organizer
features, for example, when you’re on a plane and you
must turn off all wireless services, but you want to look
at your calendar.
To turn the screen on, press
power . Drag up to
unlock the screen.
To turn the screen off, press power .