Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

5B. Specifications 295
*Sync: A two-way exchange and update of your data. What you add or change in one location is automatically
added or changed in the other.
Transfer: A one-way update of your data. You can add or change data only in one location; the data is then copied
to the other location.
LinkedIn Contacts Transfer from web
to phone
No Yes Only one app is
affected: Contacts
Palm profile Contacts
See “Backup” on
page 164 for a full
list of affected info
Transfer from
phone to web
Yes No All data is deleted
from all affected
apps; see “Backup”
for details
Photobucket Photos Transfer/upload
from phone to web
Yes No Only info in that
app is deleted
Applications that
display data from
this account
between phone and
online account
Can I edit and add
info to this account
on my phone?
Can I edit and add
data to this account
on the web?
What happens
when I delete this
account from one