Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

56 2B Move Around on Your Phone
Enter Information in a Field
You can enter information in a field by typing or by
pasting previously copied information (see “Cut, Copy,
and Paste Information” on page 57).
Applications with text fields support the auto-correct
feature. If the app recognizes a common misspelling, it
auto-corrects the word. To cancel the auto-correction,
Backspace .
To accept the information you entered, do one of the
Tap outside the field.
Press Enter . If a screen contains multiple fields,
pressing Enter accepts the information you just
entered and jumps the cursor to the next field.
When you are done entering information on the
screen containing the field, make the back gesture to
accept the information and back out of the screen
(see “Go Up One Level in an App (Back Gesture)” on
page 48).
Select Items in a List
Lists enable you to select from a range of options. Lists
are different from menus (see “Use the Menus” on
page 58), which give you access to additional features.
Lists are hidden until you tap the currently displayed
option for that list.
1. Tap the currently displayed option to open the list.
(For example, when creating a new event in
. … ~ \ ` • ÷ ^ [ ] { } < > « » Ø μ
Press Sym
and press…
to select…