Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

30 2A. Basics
Your phone is connected to an EvDO
data network. Data is not currently being
transmitted over the network. See “I Can’t
Tell If Data Services Are Available” on
page 251.
Your phone is connected to an EvDO
data network and data is being
transmitted over the network.
Your phone is on and connected to the
Sprint network.
The phone is searching for the Sprint
The Sprint network is not available.
wireless technology is turned
on. See “Bluetooth
Wireless Technology”
on page 226.
A Bluetooth connection is in progress.
A Bluetooth connection has been made.
Item Description
Your phone is performing a search on the
characters you entered. If you are in Card
view or the Launcher, your phone
conducts a universal search (see “Search
to Find Info and Make Calls” on page 61).
If you are in an application such as
Contacts or Memos, your phone
searches for items within the app that
match the search term you entered.
Your phone is in roaming coverage. See
“Set Roaming and Data Usage
Preferences” on page 98.
TTY is turned on. See “Enable TTY/TDD”
on page 99.
HAC is turned on. See “Enable HAC” on
page 99.
Item Description