Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

266 4B. Glossary
Contacts application automatically recognizes the
connection and links the two contacts so that you can
see all the information in one place—but the
information is kept separate in the different accounts
where it originated. You can also manually link and
unlink contacts.
merged view: A feature on your phone that displays
data from several sources in a single view, but keeps
the sources of your data separate.
Let’s say you use Google calendar for your personal
events and your company’s Outlook calendar for
business events. Your phone’s Calendar application
displays events from both calendars in a single view,
called All.
Likewise, if you set up multiple email accounts, the
Email application displays the messages from all your
account inboxes in a single view, called All inboxes.
And in Messaging, all your messages with a person
show up in a single conversation view, whether they
are text, multimedia, or instant messages. See also
“linked contact” on page 265.
notification: A message that appears at the bottom of
the screen alerting you of an incoming or missed call;
voicemail, email, or text messages; an upcoming event;
and more. In most cases, you can tap a notification to
act on it. See also “dashboard” on page 265.
online account: An account that you have with an
online service such as Google or Microsoft Exchange
ActiveSync. You can synchronize contacts, calendar
events, and email between your phone and many of
your online accounts.
Option key: The key you use to enter characters
that appear above the letters on the keyboard keys.
Press once to enter a single character. Press twice to
lock the alternate character feature, so you can enter a
series of characters. Also, press and hold
and then drag your finger onscreen to move the cursor
in text.
Palm profile: A Palm profile gives you access to
services like automatic updates, backup of your data,
and more. You create a Palm profile by entering a
working email address during initial setup of your
Pixi™ phone. See “Set Up Your Phone” on
page 16. Your Palm profile also identifies the location
on the Web where the data you store in your Palm
Profile account is backed up. (You cannot see or
change this data on the Web, however.) See also “Palm
profile account” on page 267.