Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

96 2D. Phone
If you want to stop using the headset, do any of the
Switch from the headset to your phone’s speaker:
Tap and tap
Switch from the wired headset to a previously
paired Bluetooth
hands-free device: Tap and
tap the device name.
Use your phone without the headset: Disconnect
the headset.
Set Up and Use a Bluetooth
Your phone is compatible with many headsets and car
kits (sold separately) enabled with Bluetooth
technology version 2.1, with EDR and stereo (with
AVRCP media controls).
After you set up a connection with a Bluetooth headset
or hands-free car kit, you can communicate using that
device whenever it is within range and the Bluetooth
feature on your phone is turned on. The range varies
greatly, depending on environmental factors. The
maximum is about 10 meters.
1. Open Bluetooth .
2. If the Bluetooth setting at the top of the screen is
off, tap
Off to switch the Bluetooth feature from Off
to On.
3. Tap Add device and tap the device name.
4. To use a Bluetooth device with your phone, follow
the instructions that came with the Bluetooth
5. To switch to another Bluetooth device while on a call:
Tap and tap the new device name. (You can
also tap
Handset or Speaker to use your phone
without the headset.)
Note: You can use a stereo (A2DP-enabled) Bluetooth
headset or speakers to listen to music files on your
phone. You cannot, however, use a mono Bluetooth
headset to listen to music files.
Tip: If you make a Bluetooth connection with a car kit, you
might get a notification on your phone asking if you want
to upload contacts to the car kit. Tap
Allow to upload
contacts. If you later want to delete the contacts from the
car kit, check the car kit documentation for instructions.