Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

76 2C. Transferring Data
2C. Transferring Data
Data Transfer Overview (page 76)
How Do I Get Data From My Old Phone? (page 77)
How Do I Get Data Off My Computer? (page 77)
I’m Already Using Google, Facebook, and/or Microsoft
Exchange (page 80)
I Want to Keep Using My Current Desktop App and Sync
With an Online Account on My Phone (page 81)
I Don’t Need to Sync, but I Do Want a Copy of My Data
Backed Up Somewhere Besides My Phone (page 82)
Data Transfer Overview
While you have many options for transferring data,
Palm recommends that you take advantage of the
Synergy™ feature by putting your data in an
online account—for example, if you don’t have a Google
account, we recommend that you create one and store
your data there (see “How Do I Add Names and Other
Info Into Contacts?” on page 121, “How Do I Get Events
Into Calendar?” on page 135, and “How Do I Send and
Receive Email on My Phone?” on page 186). If you
don’t want to do this, there are other ways to get data
on your phone.
Consider carefully whether you’ll want to be able to
access and change your data somewhere besides
your phone. If you do, do you prefer the other means of
access to be a website (for example, Google), or to be
software that is installed on your computer? In either
case, you can set things up so that you can
synchronize new or changed data between your phone
and the other data location.
You could also decide not to have a sync setup for
your data, in which case you can use your Palm profile
to back up your data (see “Backup” on page 164). You
can’t access this data anywhere but on your phone.
However, your data is backed up, and in an emergency
(such as a lost or stolen device), you can remove the
data on your lost or stolen phone and restore it to a
new Pixi phone.