Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

222 3C. Web and Wireless Connections
Open the application menu and tap Preferences.
3. Set any of the following:
Block Popups: Prevents websites from opening up
new browser windows. Tap
Yes to turn Block
Popups off.
Accept Cookies: Allows cookies from any website
you view, even if you are redirected to a site from
another site. Tap
Yes to turn Accept Cookies off.
JavaScript” Tap On to turn off JavaScript. Turning
off JavaScript may prevent some websites from
functioning properly.
Clear History: Tap to delete your browsing history.
Clear Cookies: Tap to delete cookies used by some
websites to remember visiting history and user
Clear Cache: Tap to delete any Web page content
that has been stored in the local cache. This
ensures that you are viewing the most current
content when you visit a Web page.