Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

2F. Personal Information 135
2. Open the application menu and tap Send All To Car
If a Bluetooth device is detected, all contacts are
To send one contact:
1. Open Contacts , and tap a contact.
2. Open the application menu and tap Send Contact.
3. Tap one of the following:
Send To Car Kit (your Bluetooth device needs to
be on and detected).
Send Via MMS (messaging opens).
Send Via Email (email opens).
Receiving vCards
To get an emailed vCard into Contacts:
1. From the open Email message, tap the
The vCard opens automatically within Contacts.
2. Tap Add to Contacts.
3. Tap one of the following:
Add to Existing.
Save as New.
How Do I Get Events Into Calendar?
You have a few options for getting events to show up in
Connect to an online calendar through the Palm
Synergy™ feature
: If you have a calendar in an online
account that works with the Synergy feature (for
example, Google or Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync),
you can set up Calendar on your phone to synchronize
and display events in the online calendar. Set up
synchronization the first time you open Calendar (see
“Use Calendar for the First Time” on page 137) or
anytime after that (see “Customize Calendar” on
page 143). After you set up the connection to the
online calendar, events you enter online show up
automatically in Calendar, and events you enter on
your phone sync to the online account.