Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

4B. Glossary 267
Palm profile account: An account you can use to
assign contacts and calendar events you create on
your phone. Palm profile items are included in the daily
backup of information to your Palm profile but do not
synchronize with any of your online accounts. See also
“Palm profile” on page 266.
pinch: A gesture used to go in for a magnified view
(zoom in) or move out to see a larger area (zoom out).
To zoom in, you pinch out: Place the thumb and index
fingertips close together on the touchscreen; then
slowly spread them apart. To zoom out, you pinch in:
Place the thumb and index fingertips apart on the
touchscreen, and slowly bring them together.
Quick Launch: A bar of up to five icons that give you
quick access to applications. Quick Launch always
appears at the bottom of Card view and the Launcher.
By default, Quick Launch displays icons for the
following apps: Phone, Email, Contacts, and Calendar.
The fifth icon is the Launcher. Tap a Quick Launch icon
to open the app.
You can also open Quick Launch from any maximized
application window by dragging up from the gesture
area to the screen. Move your finger to the app you
want, and then lift your finger. The application opens.
smart folder: One of two folders—All Inboxes and All
Flagged—that can be set to appear at the top of the
Account List view in the Email application See “Set
Email Preferences” on page 200.
swipe: A light, fast horizontal movement with the finger
from right to left or left to right on the touchscreen or
the gesture area.
Sym key: The key you use to enter symbols and
accented characters. Press Sym to open the full table
of symbols. Press Sym + a letter key to narrow the table
to symbols associated with that letter—for example,
press +
e to enter é.
feature: The feature from Palm that lets you
take advantage of merged views and linked contacts
on your phone. See “Your Palm
Pixi™ Phone” on
page 9.
system update: Updates provided by Palm to the
webOS™ platform and core applications such as
Contacts and Calendar. When a system update is
available, a notification appears on your phone. You
can also check for system updates manually. See
“Update the Software on Your Phone” on page 65.