Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

2F. Personal Information 147
4. Set any of the following:
Priority: High priority tasks appear in red. Normal
priority tasks appear in bold text, and low priority
tasks appear in gray text.
List: Assign the task to a different list.
Due date: Tap No due date, and tap a due date
option. If you set a due date, a notification appears
at bottom of the screen on the due date. Tap the
notification to open the task.
5. To enter a note about the task, tap Notes and enter
the note.
Check Off a Task
1. Tap the list containing the task.
2. Tap the box to the left of the task name.
View Tasks That are Due Today
1. Open Tasks . (The number to the right of the All
Tasks field shows the total number of tasks that are
due today or are overdue. The number to the right
of each task list name shows the number of tasks
in that list that are due today or overdue.)