Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

2D. Phone 97
For more information on using the Bluetooth feature on
your phone, see “Bluetooth® Wireless Technology” on
page 226.
Customize Phone Settings
Use Phone Preferences to customize phone settings.
Show Contact Matches
By default, when you have the dial pad displayed but
you’re using the keyboard to enter a phone number,
both numbers and letters appear and your phone
performs a search of matching names in Contacts. If
you turn off this preference, typing on the keyboard with
the dial pad displayed enters numbers only, and no
search is done in Contacts.
1. Open Phone .
2. Open the application menu and tap Preferences.
3. In Show Contact Matches, tap On or Off.
Use Dialing Tones
Dialing tones, also known as DTMF tones, are the tones
that play when you press a key to dial. A short tone
plays briefly and then stops, no matter how long you
Tip: If you turn off the Show Contact Matches preference,
you can still perform a contact search in the Phone
application. After opening
Phone, tap the contact list icon
to the right of “Enter name or number.” Type the contact
name or initials, and tap the number when it appears.