Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

258 4A. Troubleshooting
this, make the contact listing Ed’s real name the
primary contact (see “Link a Contact” on
page 130).
Here are some tips for taking good pictures with the
Clean the camera’s lens with a soft, lint-free cloth.
Take pictures in bright lighting conditions. Low-light
images may be grainy, due to the sensitivity of the
Hold the phone as still as possible. Try supporting
your picture-taking arm up against your body or a
stationary object (such as a wall).
Keep the subject of the pictures still. Exposure time is
longer with lower light levels, so you may see a blur.
For best results, verify that you have the brightest light
source coming from behind you, lighting the
subject’s face. Avoid taking indoor pictures with the
subject in front of a window or light. If the light is
behind the subject, try moving closer to the subject
and enabling the flash.
Make sure the subject is at least 0.5 meter away from
the camera to ensure good focus.
Amazon MP3
I Bought a Song From Amazon MP3, but It
Isn’t Showing Up on My Phone
Occasionally, the download process may be
interrupted, so a song you purchased may not be
successfully downloaded to your phone. To confirm the
purchase and download of a song, log in to your
Amazon account from your computer. If the song
shows up there as purchased and downloaded,
contact Amazon support and let them know you never
received your song.