Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

1A. Set Up Service 19
To save power, the screen dims automatically after a
period of inactivity and then turns off. You can be on a
call when the screen dims and turns off—this does not
affect the call. To brighten the screen after it dims, tap
the screen.
Turn Wireless Services Off (Airplane
Airplane mode turns off your phone as well as the
wireless technology feature. Use airplane
mode when you are on a plane or anywhere else you
need to turn off all wireless services. You can’t browse
the Web, but you can still use apps like Calendar,
Contacts, Photos, Music, Doc View, and PDF View.
Do one of the following:
Tap the upper-right corner of any screen to open the
connection menu. Tap
Turn on Airplane Mode.
Press and hold power and tap Airplane Mode.
When your phone is in airplane mode, the
mode icon appears at the top of every screen, and
Airplane Mode appears in the upper-left corner of the
screen in the
Launcher, Card view, and Phone. Your
phone is not connected to any mobile network.
* These indicate that wireless services are off
(airplane mode).
Tip: You can set how long the screen stays on during a
period of inactivity (see “Set the Interval for Turning the
Screen Off Automatically” on page 175).