Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

4A. Troubleshooting 261
I Dismissed a System Update Notification,
and Now I Don’t Know How to Get the
Update on My Phone
If you have a phone network connection and the
battery has at least a 30% charge, you can start the
update yourself: Open
Updates . Your phone
checks for the availability of the update, and if one is
available, tap
Download Now. The download happens
in the background, so you can continue to use your
phone until the actual installation takes over.
After the update has finished being downloaded, tap
Install Now to install the update on your phone.
My Phone Froze While I Was Downloading
or Installing a System Update
During a wireless software update, there’s a small
chance that your phone may freeze and stop
responding to taps or key presses. If this happens, you
can use webOS Doctor
to restore your phone and
install the system update from your computer using the
USB cable. On your computer, go to
to download webOS Doctor.
Third-Party Applications
Some third-party applications may cause conflicts with
your phone. Third-party applications that modify the
wireless features of your phone may require extra
troubleshooting. Use caution when installing the
Ringtone managers.
Caller ID applications.
Instant messaging.
Applications that modify when your phone or data
connections turn on or off and how your phone