Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

214 3C. Web and Wireless Connections
3C. Web and Wireless
Location Services (page 214)
Web (page 215)
Google Maps (page 223)
Sprint Navigation (page 224)
Wireless Technology (page 226)
Location Services
The Location Services application provides information
about your location to applications that request it. For
example, Google Maps may use your location
information if you need driving directions.
1. Open Location Services .
2. The first time you open Location Services you may
be asked to review and accept the terms of use,
and decide whether to allow anonymous data
collection. Tap
Next and do the following:
Review the terms of use.
If you decide not to allow anonymous data
collection, tap the checkmark to remove it.
Tap Agree or Don’t Agree.
3. Decide whether to enable auto locate, or whether
you want to be asked each time an application
needs to know your location: Tap
Auto Locate or
Ask Each Time.
4. To change settings after you accept the terms of
use, tap
On or Off for any of the following: