Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

3C. Web and Wireless Connections 227
Wireless Connections
3. Tap Add device and tap the device name on the list
of available Bluetooth devices.
4. If a passkey is not required, pairing is complete
when the Devices list appears. (If a passkey is
required, tap
Yes, allow.)
5. Do one of the following:
An automatically generated passkey appears on the
passkey screen: Check the other device screen to
verify that the passkey is correct, and tap
connect to connect.
The screen displays a passkey generated by your
phone: Enter the displayed passkey on the other
The screen prompts you to enter a passkey: Check
the documentation that came with the other
device to see if there's a required passkey. If so,
enter that passkey on your phone. If not, make up
a passkey and enter it on both devices.
Accept a Pairing Request From Another
1. Open Bluetooth .
2. Make sure Bluetooth is on (see “Turn the Bluetooth
Feature On/Off” on page 226).
Tip: You can also open the Bluetooth app by opening the
connection menu
, tapping Bluetooth, and tapping
Bluetooth Preferences.
Note: Your phone is discoverable only when the Bluetooth
app is open, the app window is maximized, and
Bluetooth is turned on. If you move away from the
Bluetooth app, minimize the app to a card, or turn off
the screen, your phone is no longer discoverable.