Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

128 2F. Personal Information
Do one of the following:
To take a new photo, tap New Photo.
To use an existing photo, tap the album
containing the picture, and tap the picture.
3. (Optional) Do either or both of the following:
To enlarge a face or other portion of the picture,
zoom in by making the pinch-out gesture.
To capture the portion of the picture you want, tap
and hold the picture, and then drag the portion
you want to the center of the onscreen box. This
portion becomes the contact photo.
4. Tap Attach Photo.
Add a Ringtone to a Contact
Select the ringtone you want to hear when this contact
calls you.
1. While creating (see “Create a Contact” on
page 124) or editing (see “View, Edit, Copy, or
Delete Contact Information” on page 126) a
contact, tap
Set a ringtone.
2. Tap the ringtone name.
3. Tap to preview the ringtone.
4. To use a music file as a ringtone, tap and tap
the file name.
5. Tap Done.
Assign a Speed Dial to a Contact
You can assign a speed dial to any contact phone
number. You can assign up to 26 speed dials.
Did You Know? If you see a stack of photos in a contact, with a
number attached to the stack, that's because
it's a linked contact (see “Linked Contacts” on
page 122).
Tip: To change the ringtone for a contact, tap the ringtone
and tap
Change Ringtone. Delete Ringtone deletes the
ringtone from the contact, not from the list of available
Did You Know? You cannot assign 1 (the E key) as a speed
dial. The number 1 is reserved for dialing your
voicemail system.