Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

196 3B. Email and Other Messages
image with someone else via email. If you choose this
option, a new blank email message opens with the
image file as an attachment.
If the image is in JPG, BMP, or PNG format, you can
also save it to and view it in the Photos app.
1. With the message open, press and hold Option
and tap the image.
2. Tap Copy To Photos (if available) or Share.
Open Attachments
You can receive any kind of file sent to you, but you
can only open an attachment if the your phone has an
application that can open the file type.
To open a single attachment: Tap the name to open
the attachment. For large attachments, tap the name
to fully download the attachment, and tap the name
again to open the attachment.
To open multiple attachments: Tap the list of
attachment names to view the attachments, and tap
an attachment name to open the file.
Save Attachments
When you open attachments of certain file types, you
can save them to your phone so you can view them
later in one of your phone’s applications.
1. Open the attachment (see “Open Attachments” on
page 196).
2. Do one of the following:
For pictures in JPG, BMP or PNG format: Tap Copy
To Photos.