Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

20 1A. Set Up Service
Turn Wireless Services On
When you turn on your phone, it connects to a mobile
network so that you can make and receive phone calls
and use other wireless services (if supported by the
local network).
Tap the upper-right corner of any screen to open the
connection menu. Tap Turn off Airplane Mode.
When your phone locates a signal,
Sprint appears in
the upper-left corner of the screen in the
Card view, and Phone, and the signal-strength icon
appears at the top of the screen.
* These indicate that wireless services are on.
When you are inside a phone coverage area, the bars
on the
signal-strength icon are filled in. If you’re
outside a coverage area, the bars in the signal-strength
icon appear dimmed with an X.
Tip: When your phone is in airplane mode, you can turn the
Bluetooth feature on individually (see “Turn the Bluetooth
Feature On/Off” on page 226). To turn your phone back
on, you must turn airplane mode off.