Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

4A. Troubleshooting 251
A Notification Tells Me That the Server
Could Not Be Reached
Make sure your phone is connected to the Sprint
network (see “Icons in the Title Bar” on page 29).
If you have a network connection and receive this
notification, it means your phone had to wait too long to
connect to the Exchange server. The connection may
have been lost, the server may be temporarily
overloaded, or the server may have encountered an
internal error. Check your Exchange server name and
proxy server settings (see “Set Up Email: Microsoft
Exchange ActiveSync (EAS)” on page 188), and try
again later.
A Notification Tells Me That ActiveSync
Encountered a Problem With [item Type]
[item Name]
There was an error while synchronizing a single item.
This error can usually be corrected only by deleting the
item that caused the error. If you sync again to see if
the error persists, be aware that items causing this type
of error are skipped and do not show up again.
Sending and Receiving Data in
Email, Messaging, and Web
I Can’t Tell If Data Services Are Available
The following icons appear in the title bar to indicate
whether data services are available. If you don’t see
one of these icons, you cannot open a data
Key Term: 1xRTT (single-carrier [1x] radio transmission
A wireless technology that can
provide fast data transfer and Internet access, with
average speeds of 60-to-80Kbps and bursts of up
to 144Kbps.
Key Term: EvDO (Evolution Data Optimized): A wireless
broadband technology that is designed for very
high-speed data transfer, with average download
speeds of 400-to-600Kbps, and capable of
reaching speeds up to 3.2Mbps and upload
speeds up to 1.8Mbps.