Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

3B. Email and Other Messages 201
Email & Messaging
Smart Folders: Set whether to include All Inboxes
and/or All Flagged messages as favorites at the
top of Account List view.
Accounts: Tap an account name to enter advanced
settings (see “Enter Advanced Account Settings”
on page 191).
Default Account: Tap the account shown to set
another account as the default. The default
account is used to send a message when you
create a new message in
Account List view or in a
merged folder such as
All Inboxes or All Flagged. If
you have only one email account on your phone,
the Default Account preference is not displayed.
Add An Account: See “Set Up Email” on page 187.
Reorder Accounts
1. Open Email .
2. Open the application menu and tap Preferences &
3. Tap and hold the account name, wait for the visual
cue, and then drag the account up or down. (This
changes the order of the accounts in
Account List
Reply to Meeting Invitations
You can receive meeting invitations on your phone in
the same way that you receive email messages. You
cannot create meeting invitations on your phone.
Tap whether to accept, tentatively accept, or decline
an invitation.
Here are the key features of meeting invitations:
Meeting invitations appear on your phone in the
Email application, not in the Calendar application.
From within the Email application, you can accept,
decline, or tentatively accept a meeting invitation.
If you accept or tentatively accept an invitation, it
appears as an event in Calendar.
You can reply to and forward meeting invitations in
the same way as email messages.
Tip: If you receive an updated meeting invitation, you can
again choose to accept, decline, or tentatively accept. If
you receive a meeting cancellation, open the message
and tap
Remove From Calendar to delete the meeting
from your calendar.