Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

2B Move Around on Your Phone 47
Move Around
1. Drag up slowly from the gesture area to the screen.
2. Move your finger to the application icon. (When
you see the app name appear, lift your finger. The
application opens.)
Open an Application in the Launcher
The Launcher displays all your applications that are not
Quick Launch. The Launcher includes multiple
pages, which you can organize to group apps the way
you want (see “Reorder Launcher Icons” on page 52).
1. Tap the center of the gesture area to open Card
view, and tap .
Note: Don’t confuse this “drag up” with the up gesture, which
is a flick up from the gesture area to the screen that
Card view.
Tip: You can also open the Launcher by flicking up twice
from the gesture area to the screen. If you are in
, just flick up once to open the Launcher.