Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

3B. Email and Other Messages 211
Email & Messaging
Send and Receive IM Messages
1. Open Messaging .
2. Do one of the following to start or continue a
In Conversations or Buddies view, tap to start
a new conversation.
In Conversations view, tap an existing
conversation and enter a new message.
In Buddies view, tap a buddy name and enter a
new message.
3. Tap Text or an IM account name in the upper-right
corner of the screen, and tap the IM account you
want to use.
4. Enter the message text and tap .
5. When the message recipient replies, the reply
appears below your message in the conversation.
(Repeat step 4 to send another message.)
Change Your Online Status
1. Open Messaging .
2. Tap Buddies.
3. Tap the status icon to the left of the status
description, and tap your new status.
4. Tap to confirm your status.
Change Your Custom Message
Your custom message is seen by your IM buddies. It
appears next to your IM screen name and status. It can
contain any text you want.
1. Open Messaging .
2. Tap Buddies.
Before You Begin: Make sure that your phone is on and that
you’re inside a coverage area (see “Turn
Wireless Services On” on page 20).
Tip: You can include emoticons in your message (see “Use
Emoticons in a Message” on page 206).