Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

34 2A. Basics
As with any mobile phone, if you are in an area with
no wireless coverage, your phone continues to
search for a signal, which consumes power. Turn off
your phone if you are outside a coverage area (see
“Turn Wireless Services Off (Airplane Mode)” on
page 19).
Turn off the Bluetooth (see “Bluetooth
Technology” on page 226) and GPS (see “Location
Services” on page 214) features when you are not
using them.
If you set up an email account in the Email
application, set the interval to automatically
download email to every two hours or less frequently
(see “Enter Advanced Account Settings” on
page 191).
Lower the screen brightness (see “Change Screen
Brightness” on page 175).
Keep in mind that frequent use of instant messaging
(IM) can reduce battery life.
Turn the phone completely off if you won’t be using it
for an extended period of time (see “Turn Everything
(the Screen and Wireless Services) On/Off” on
page 21).
You can buy an extra battery as a spare for long
plane trips or periods of heavy use. To purchase
batteries that are compatible with your phone, go to