Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

4A. Troubleshooting 257
Calendar With an Online Account” on page 145, or
“Delete an Email Account” on page 192).
My Personal and Work Contact and
Calendar Information Is Getting Merged
Into a Single View—I’d Rather Keep Them
The Palm
Synergy™ feature on your phone displays
information from several sources in a single view, so
you can access your info quickly, without having to
remember where you stored it. But though the
information is visible in one view, the sources of that
information are kept separate.
In Calendar, to see events from just one calendar, tap
the word
All in the upper-right corner of the screen and
pick the account you want to see. See “Change the
Calendar Display” on page 140.
In Contacts, the list view shows all contacts from all
accounts. You can, however, see what data comes
from which account by opening the contact and
Edit. If you want to unlink contacts, see “Unlink
a Contact” on page 131.
In Email, you can turn off the smart folder for All
Inboxes (see “Set Email Preferences” on page 200).
Then make the inboxes of your individual accounts
favorites so that they're always easy to see in Account
List view (see “Add a Folder as a Favorite” on
page 200).
I Started Entering a Contact’s Name in
Universal Search, but I’m Not Seeing the
Person in the Results
You need to enter at least two letters in universal
search before contact matches are returned.
If the contact is a linked contact, universal search
searches on the primary profile only. Scroll through
the contact match results to make sure that universal
search did not return a different match for your
contact from the one you were expecting.
For example, suppose you’re searching for your
friend Ed Smith’s contact info. You have three
contact entries for Ed that are linked, and the
primary entry happens to be the one listed by Ed’s
screen name, ScubaEd. Typing
es is not going to
find Ed’s contact; you have to type
scu. To correct