Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

54 2B Move Around on Your Phone
Enter Alternate Keyboard Characters
Numbers, punctuation, and symbols appear above the
letters on the keys. To enter these characters, do one of
the following:
Press Option and press the key for the character.
The alternate character symbol appears: . You
don’t need to hold down
Option while pressing the
second key.
Enter a series of alternate characters: Press Option
twice to lock the alternate character feature. The
alternate character lock symbol appears: .
Turn off the alternate character feature: Press
Option .
Enter Passwords
You can see each character of a password only as you
enter it, so be careful. Be sure Caps Lock and alternate
character lock are off unless you need them. For
information on how to enter characters, see “Enter
Uppercase Letters” on page 53 and “Enter Alternate
Keyboard Characters” on page 54.
Enter Characters From the Symbols Table
You can enter symbols and accented characters that
don't appear on the keys by using the symbols table.
See “Symbols and Accented Characters” on page 55
for a list of the available symbols and accented
1. Press Sym to display the symbols table.
2. Narrow the list by pressing the key that
corresponds to the character you want. (For
example, to enter an
é, press e. See the table
below for a list of corresponding characters.)
3. Scroll to find the character you want.
4. Tap the character to insert it.
Tip: The symbols and accented characters are grouped
according to their similarity to the corresponding key. In
some cases, the symbol is related to the alternate
character on the key, not the letter. For example, to type a
¢ or other currency symbol, press
Sym + h. Why?
Because the alternate character on the H key is $.
Tip: If you press the wrong key, press Backspace to return to
the full list of symbols and accented characters. You can
then press another key.