Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

2D. Phone 91
End a Call
Tap .
Use Another Application While on a Call
While you’re on a call, you can use many other
applications on your phone, for example, the personal
information applications (Contacts, Calendar, and so
on). You can also send and receive text messages. But
you can use the network for only one activity at a time—
phone (which includes text messaging) or data—so you
cannot use the network to browse the Web, send and
receive email, or send and receive multimedia or
instant (IM) messages when you are on a call.
1. Open the Launcher or Quick Launch while on a call.
2. Tap the other application.
3. Tap the call notification at the bottom of the screen
to return to the call screen.
Make a Second Call
1. While on a call, tap .
2. Dial the second call.
Answer a Second Call (Call Waiting)
When a second call notification appears, tap . The
first call is put on hold.