Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

4A. Troubleshooting 255
My Phone Won’t Connect to the Internet
Your phone supports EvDO and 1xRTT wireless data
Check to see if you have data services enabled.
Phone , open the application menu, and
Preferences. Under Network, make sure Data
Usage is set to On.
If you are in roaming coverage, check to see if you
have data roaming enabled. Open
Phone , open
the application menu
, and tap Preferences. Under
Network, tap Data Roaming and tap Enabled.
Turn off your phone and turn it on again (see “Turn
the Phone On/Off” on page 18).
Restart your phone (see “Restart Your phone” on
page 171).
Contact Sprint to verify that your subscription plan
has been correctly activated. Sprint should also be
able to tell you if there are any outages in your
I Can’t Access a Page
1. Make sure you have Internet access:
Open Web and try to view a Web page
you’ve loaded before.
To ensure that you’re viewing the page directly
from the Internet, tap .
After confirming your Internet connection, try to
view the page again. If it comes up blank,
tap .
If you’re still having trouble, the page may contain
elements that are not supported by the browser,
such as Flash, Shockwave, VBScript, WML script,
and other plug-ins.
2. Some websites redirect simple Web addresses
given to the public to actual Web addresses that
are more complex (for example, if you enter the
address, it may actually go
to the Web address
(If your phone’s browser can’t follow the redirect,
enter the Web address in a desktop browser and
read the actual Web address in the address bar.
Then enter the actual address in your phone’s