Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

3B. Email and Other Messages 195
Email & Messaging
Receive and Read Email Messages
The Email application synchronizes messages anytime
you open a mail folder. It also synchronizes messages
on an automatic schedule—the default interval is every
30 minutes (see “Enter Advanced Account Settings” on
page 191 for information on changing the interval).
Follow these steps to manually retrieve messages.
1. Open Email .
2. If the folders for the account you want are hidden,
tap to display the folders.
3. Tap the folder you want to check messages for. (If
synchronization doesn’t start, tap .)
4. Tap a message to open it.
5. Tap or in the subject line to view the next
newer or older message.
6. To view messages for another account, make the
back gesture (see “Go Up One Level in an App
(Back Gesture)” on page 48) to return to the
account list, and tap the account name.
Save or Share an Inline Image
If a message contains an inline image—an image
inserted right into the body text—you can share the
Tip: How can you tell if sync is happening? Look for the
animated circular movement around the number of
messages in the upper-right corner of the screen.