Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

88 2D. Phone
Answer a Call
Do one of the following:
If the screen is on when the phone starts ringing,
tap .
If the screen is off, drag up to unlock the screen
and answer the call.
Silence the Ringer on an Incoming Call
When you silence the ringer on an incoming call, you
can answer the call or let it ring through to voicemail.
Do one of the following:
Press power .
Press volume up or volume down.
Slide the ringer switch off (red means off). This
silences the ringer and any notification sounds.
These sounds remain off until you slide the
switch back on. Other sounds, such as music and
video playback, are not affected by sliding the ringer
switch off.
Tip: You can pick the ringtone for incoming calls (see “Select
the Ringtone for Incoming Calls” on page 179). You can
set a ringtone for individual contacts as well (see “Add a
Ringtone to a Contact” on page 128).
Did You Know? If you are playing music or a video on your
phone and a call arrives, playback pauses
automatically and resumes when you hang
up or ignore the call.
Tip: You can see a photo of the person calling you by
assigning a caller ID photo. See “Add a Photo to a
Contact” on page 127.