Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

2D. Phone 87
Redial the Last Number Dialed
1. Open Phone .
2. Tap . (When the contact name or number
appears at the top of the screen, tap again to
Dial Your National Emergency Number
To dial 911, do the following:
1. Press power to wake up the screen.
2. Tap the center of the gesture area to display Card
3. Enter the emergency number, and tap the number
to dial. (If the phone is turned off, a notification
appears prompting you to turn it on. You don't
have to press
Option to enter numbers.)
Dial From Another Application
If a phone number appears in another application as
an underlined link, you can begin dialing the number
directly from that application. For example, you can dial
phone numbers that appear in Web pages, in
messages (email, text, or multimedia), or in notes to
calendar events.
1. If a phone number appears as an underlined link,
tap the number. (This displays the dial pad with the
number already entered.)
2. Tap to dial.
Receive Calls
If you want to answer calls, your phone must be on.
This is different from having only the screen turned on
(see “Turn the Phone On/Off” on page 18). When your
phone is off, your calls go to voicemail.
Tip: If you do not want contact matches to appear when you
type a number on the keyboard, you can turn off the
Show Contact Matches preference (see “Show Contact
Matches” on page 97). When this preference is off, you
can still dial by contact name in the Phone application.
After opening Phone, tap the contact list icon to the right
of “Enter name or number.” Type the contact name or
initials, and tap the number when it appears.