Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

250 4A. Troubleshooting
I Have an Exchange ActiveSync Account
at Work, but My Data Is Not Being
Downloaded to My Phone
Check with your system administrator to obtain or verify
the name of the mail server that offers you wireless
access to the corporate mail system. If you cannot
obtain the name of this server (some companies do
not give it out because they do not want wireless
access to their servers), you cannot synchronize with
your Exchange ActiveSync account.
If your company requires you to change your password
for accessing your Exchange ActiveSync account, you
must change the password on your phone (see
“Change Account Login Settings” on page 192).
I Entered the Settings to Sync With
Exchange ActiveSync, but I Can’t
Synchronize With My Company’s
Exchange Server
Check with your system administrator to find out if a
systemwide locking policy is in place.
A Notification Tells Me That ActiveSync
Encountered a Problem on the Server
There is a temporary problem with the server, or the
server may be temporarily overloaded. Try again later,
and if the problem persists, contact your system
A Notification Tells Me That There Is Not
Enough Free Memory to Synchronize
1. Tap the center of the gesture area to display Card
2. Scroll through the cards and note how many
applications you have running.
3. Close any application you are not using by
throwing its card off the top of the screen.
If the previous steps don’t fix the problem, see “Making
Room on Your Phone” on page 262 for other