Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

3B. Email and Other Messages 187
Email & Messaging
1 Number to the right of All inboxes indicates total
number of unread email messages in all your
email accounts.
2 Number to the right of individual folder name
indicates number of unread messages in that
If you reply to a message when you’re working in All
inboxes, the message is sent from the same account in
which it was received.
If you create a new message when you’re working in
All inboxes, the message goes out using the account
you set as the default account (see “Set Email
Preferences” on page 200).
Set Up Email
Set Up Email: Common Providers
Follow this procedure if you have a common email
provider, for example, AOL, EarthLink, or Yahoo! If you
are setting up the Email application to work with your
corporate email account that uses Microsoft Exchange
ActiveSync, see “Set Up Email: Microsoft Exchange
ActiveSync (EAS)” on page 188. If you have a less
common email provider, see “Set Up Email: Other
Providers” on page 190.
Before You Begin:
Make sure your phone is on and you’re inside a coverage
area before you send or receive messages.
If you want delivery of Microsoft Office Outlook
email from
an Exchange account using Microsoft Direct Push, make
sure that your IT organization uses Exchange Server 2007,
or Exchange Server 2003 with Service Pack 2.