Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

256 4A. Troubleshooting
An Image or Map Is Too Small on My
Do either of the following:
To switch to landscape mode to see more of the
image, turn the phone on its side.
To zoom in on the image, pinch out or double-tap
the screen.
A Secure Site Refuses to Permit a
Some websites don’t support certain browsers for
transactions. Contact the site’s webmaster to make
sure the site allows transactions using your phone’s
Web browser.
Calendar and Contacts
I Haven’t Entered Any Contacts or
Calendar Events on my Phone, but When I
Open Those Apps, I See Entries
The entries you see displayed in Calendar or Contacts
have been downloaded to your phone from one of your
online accounts such as Google or Microsoft
Exchange ActiveSync. Anytime you are in Email,
Calendar, or Contacts, you can set up a relationship to
wirelessly sync data with one of these accounts. And
after you enter the account settings in just one of these
apps, any information you have online is automatically
downloaded to all three—so if you set up a Gmail
account in Email but also have a Google calendar, your
phone’s calendar automatically displays events entered
in your Google calendar.
You can remove an online account from an application
so that that app no longer syncs with that account (see
“Stop Synchronization of Contacts With an Online
Account” on page 134, “Stop Synchronization of