Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

262 4A. Troubleshooting
If you recently installed an application and your phone
seems to be stuck, try the following in sequence until
the problem is resolved:
1. Restart your phone (see “Restart Your phone” on
page 171).
2. Make sure your third-party applications are up to
date (see “Manually Check for Updates” on
page 67).
3. See if a system update is available (see “Manually
Check for Updates” on page 67).
4. Delete the most recently installed application, or
the application you think could be causing the
problem, from your phone (see “Delete an
Application” on page 52). (Perform a backup (see
“Back Up Your Information” on page 164).)
5. Perform a partial erase (see “Erase Data and Reset
Your Phone” on page 171).
6. Enter your Palm profile email address and
password to restore your backed-up information.
7. If the problem is resolved, begin reinstalling your
third-party applications one at a time.
8. If the problem recurs, delete the last application
you installed and report the problem to its
Getting More Help
Contact the author or vendor of any third-party software
if you require further assistance. Neither Palm nor
Sprint provides technical support for applications that
are not built into your phone.
Making Room on Your Phone
If you store a large number of files, or install many
third-party applications, the internal memory on your
phone may fill up. Here are some ways to clear space
on your phone:
Photos, Videos, Music, Amazon MP3, Doc View, PDF
View: Large media files take up a lot of memory.
Move files to your computer (see “Copy Files
Between Your Phone and Your Computer” on
page 73), or delete them from your phone.