Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

3A. Using Web and Data Services 183
Web & Data Services
To find your user name:
Open Device Info and tap More Info. (Your data
services user name appears under
Data Services Symbols on Your Screen
When you are connected to data services, a data
connection icon appears at the top of the screen. See
“Icons in the Title Bar” on page 29 for a description of
the various data connection icons.
Data Services Billing Information
See your service plan or contact Sprint for details on
data services billing.
Use Sprint TV
With Sprint TV
, you can watch live TV on the go, right
on your phone. Accessing your
Sprint TV channels is
as easy as using the remote control in your living room.
Browse through the available free channels or
subscribe to one of the premium offerings. Wherever
you go on the Sprint National Network, you can get
more out of your
Sprint TV service.
1. Open Sprint TV .
2. Tap Recently Played, Favorites, All Channels, Live,
On Demand, Premium Channels, Sprint Radio, or
Sprint Movies to display a list of channels and
3. Tap an item to play it.