Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

46 2B Move Around on Your Phone
Open Applications
You can have as many applications open at one time
as you like, limited only by the amount of memory
available on your phone at the time.
Open an Application in Quick Launch
Quick Launch is the bar of five icons that is always
available at the bottom of
Card view and the Launcher.
To open an application from
Quick Launch, just tap the
Quick Launch can display no more than five icons. By
default it displays, from left to right,
Phone, Contacts,
Email, Calendar, and the Launcher. You can change the
order of icons (except the
Launcher icon) in Quick
Launch (see “Reorder Quick Launch Icons” on
page 52), or swap in whatever applications you like
(see “Change the Applications That Appear in Quick
Launch” on page 51).
When an application fills the whole screen, make the
following gesture to display
Quick Launch and open
one of its applications.
Tip: To delete multiple list items, throw each one off the
screen. If you get the
Delete confirmation prompt after
throwing the first item, you don’t need to tap it—just throw
the second item, and the first deletion is confirmed