Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

118 2E. Photos, Videos, and Music
Do one of the following:
If the item you want appears on the screen: Tap the
song, album, or artist name. Tapping the name of
a song plays the preview; tapping its price gives
you the option to buy it (see “Preview and Buy a
Song” on page 119).
If the item you want doesn’t appear: Tap See all
[total number of] results at the bottom of the
Artists, Albums, or Songs section.
Browse Songs, Albums, Artists, or Genres
1. Open Amazon MP3 .
2. Do any of the following:
View all songs in a certain genre: Tap and tap
the genre.
View the top 10 new and notable releases: Swipe
left or right on the
New & Notable album
View the top 100 new releases: Tap New releases.
View the top 100 albums: Tap Albums.
View the top 100 artists: Tap Artists.
View the top 100 songs: Tap Songs.
View Artist Information
1. Search for (see “Search for a Specific Song,
Album, or Artist” on page 117) or browse to (see
“Browse Songs, Albums, Artists, or Genres” on
page 118) an artist, and tap the artist name.
2. Tap the word to the right of the artist name
Albums, Songs, or Bio).