Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

156 2G. Documents
Change the Display Size
For information on zooming in and out, see “Zoom
Gestures” on page 41.
Pinch out to enlarge items onscreen.
Pinch in to decrease the size of items onscreen.
Double-tap the screen to zoom in or out a specified
Turn on horizontal scroll (Word documents only): Open
the application menu
and tap Wide View. In Wide
view, text does not wrap on the right side of the
screen. You can scroll horizontally to see more text.
Find Text in a File
1. With a file open, open the application menu and
2. Type the text you want to find and press Enter
or tap . (The first instance of the text appears
3. Find the next instance: Tap .
Find the preceding instance: Tap .
4. To exit search, open the application menu and tap